The Monster Breeder is a turn-based fantasy game. Manage your monster-breeding enterprise. Tame and breed monsters, train warriors and mages, forge them into battle teams, and send them to the arena to fight for gold and glory.

– Manage your enterprise
– Turn-based arena fight
– Large variety of tournaments
– Tame, breed and train monsters
– Use alchemy and magic
– Hire and train warrior and mages
– Forge weapons and armors
– Upgrade your base

Combat Demo available

Game Concept

Game concept

The Monster Breeder is a combination of fantasy strategy and RPG, in which the players manage their own monster-breeding and gladiator-training enterprise, assemble a team, and fight pitched battles in the arena. The players may develop the skills of the creatures through alchemy, magic and training.

Weapons & Armors

weapons armors

If they have a forge on their base and hire a blacksmith, players can equip their team with self-made weapons and armor. The characteristics of these products greatly depend on the quality of materials used, the expertise of the blacksmith and the equipment of the forge.



By hiring a skilled alchemist, dozens of useful magic potions and herbal infusions may be prepared. Some of these potions have a short-term effect; they boost the powers of the fighters in the arena. Other brews, stirred into the food of the creatures, strongly influence their characteristics.



The players can buy beasts, or if they hire a hunter, can capture one themselves, which they can then tame and train for battle. Several characteristics of the creatures raised by the players can be modified with the help of alchemy and magic. Certain species may be bred in captivity, and hybrid species may be created. In the case of the latter, the offspring inherits some characteristics of its parents, but not all characteristics are hereditary.

Base Management

Base Management

Players may develop their base: they can construct new buildings or improve old ones. The old tower, the alchemist’s hut, the forge, the shrine, the dungeon, as well as the training ground can all be improved during the game. In an improved and developed forge, for example, more blacksmiths can work together producing more weapons and armors.



The battle system is turn-based, where tactics, training, weaponry and armour are essential. Combats in the arena are always between teams, and the composition of the teams depends on the type of the tournament. Most of the time, the teams contain a warrior, a sorcerer, a monster and an archer. Players can weigh the risks, and decide, out of the dozens of tournaments, which one to enter.